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The change in the production of dopamine and norepinrin has an impact on behavior change in children with ADHD. These two neurotransmitters are responsible for regulating everyone’s mood and activity, changes in the levels of these neurotransmitters will cause changes in behavior.

ProMind Complex Review

There are periods or interruptions of inactivity followed by sudden spikes in excessive behavior. ProMind Complex Review The basic question is, “Does hypergraphia really exist as a symptom of a disease?”

Dementia caused by something that can be treated (for example drug abuse, severe depression, hormonal imbalance, or nutritional deficiency) can be treated and treated; other forms cannot be cured but can be managed.

ProMind Complex Review

In the course of my psychotherapeutic practice, I noticed that most patients who start treatment at some level struggle with the problem of excruciating shame.

I would like to discuss three basic defense mechanisms against experiencing unbearable shame. ProMind Complex Brain Cells While there are others, I like the most popular defensive moves: narcissistic escape, blame, and contempt.

Narcissism is the main defense against shame and often accompanies the other two defenses. When a person suffers from an unbearable feeling of shame, they will often try to arouse admiration from OUTSIDE, as if to deny the INNER damage.

ProMind Complex Benefits He may try to draw attention to his beautiful exterior to contradict what is “ugly” inside.

As friends or acquaintances, such people strain our patience and exhaust us emotionally because they have to constantly attract attention to themselves; their social interactions are often boring and one-sided.

Sometimes recognizing that these people are suffering from unbearable shame can help us feel compassion, but it doesn’t make their friendship more satisfying.

A customer-driven by shame poses a great therapeutic challenge. ProMind Complex Side Effects If the therapist tries to discuss their narcissistic behavior as a measure of defense, they may easily feel to the client as a narcissistic, excruciatingly painful injury;

Rather than understanding that the therapist wants to help them get closer to something real but not yet recognized, such clients may feel humiliated instead.

Being overweight can cause dementia

We know that carrying too much weight is bad for the body … now we find out that those extra pounds are also bad for the brain as the risk of dementia increases.

If you are middle-aged and overweight, according to a Swedish twin study, you are 70% more likely to be diagnosed with dementia than if you are of normal weight.

ProMind Complex Pills Earlier work in this area has shown a link between carrying too much weight and the terribly destructive dementia associated with brain disease.

Dementia is the term used by the medical community to describe the loss of mental functions things like thinking, reasoning, language, judgment, memory, and behavior – bad enough that they interfere with your daily life.

Dementia is not a disease, it is a set of symptoms caused by other diseases or conditions that ultimately rob us of what makes us human.

ProMind Complex Ingredients Some of the symptoms you may notice include changes in your personality, behavior, and mood.

The latest study included data from 8,534 people from the Swedish Twin Register who have been participating in the project for 30 years.

The data includes information on weight and height from the start of the study. ProMind Complex Testimonials To date, 2,541 twin brothers (almost 30%) were overweight or obese in middle age.

Today, participants are 74 years old and have been screened by scientists for signs of dementia.

What is ADHD? Definition of ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or more commonly known as ADHD is a common behavioral disorder observed and diagnosed in children.

ProMind Complex Benefits

It not only affects children, but it can occur at any age, including adults. ADHD is described by psychiatrists as a neurobehavioral disorder.

The cause of ADHD is still unknown; however, experts indicated possible reasons for its occurrence. ProMind Complex Memory Loss The cause of ADHD can be a hereditary predisposition, as most children diagnosed with ADHD often have ADHD in a family.

Another reason experts consider is children’s contact with lead content.

Most children diagnosed with ADHD notice elevated levels of lead in the body. Early head injuries, mother’s exposure to cigarettes during pregnancy, preterm labor, and birth complications are also considered some of the causes of ADHD.

It is also believed that ADHD is caused by the structure of the brain and the chemicals in the brain.

Hypergraphy: a true or false symptom of the disease?

Hypergraphy is defined as the uncontrolled urge to write. Vincent van Gogh, Lewis Carroll, Senator Phil Graham, Dostoyevsky,

Crew Inman and many others have reportedly had this symptom of the disease. Van Gogh wrote 876 letters, Inman wrote a million words, and others went on writing like a rabbit on a battery.

Doctors say the condition is the result of a problem with the temporal lobe or bipolar disorder

. ProMind Complex supplement The problem with the lobes causes bouts of writing, while bipolar writing represents activities related to the manic nature of the disease.

The symptom is an irregular activity in the body that indicates an underlying disease. Fever, runny nose, rash, etc.

These are common symptoms that indicate a disease or medical condition. For example, dandruff or a rash, fever, headache, swollen glands, and a general feeling of imbalance while walking are symptoms of Lyme disease.

People who experience these symptoms are diagnosed without other variables. ProMind Complex Dosage Walking, running, shaving, keeping body temperature 98.6% would not be considered symptoms just because these activities are typical or normal in the daily life of men and women.

Healthy eating for better memory

Your body isn’t all it needs to function well. If you are not eating properly, your brain will not react properly, and neither will your body.

People are more likely to choose a healthy diet for their pets or the best car additions than for themselves.

Your brain depends on the same nutrients as the rest of your body, and if you follow an unhealthy diet, both your body and brain will slow down.

ProMind Complex Pills

It is generally a slow process; in fact, many do not notice the change until they are old, and then the blame comes with age.

As the brain ages, memory declines and loses its ability to help on its own. ProMind Complex Does It Work The oxidation and inflammation that kill brain cells are more able to attack.

If you want to live a productive and healthy life, you need to fine-tune your mind and body so that they both function optimally.

To start with, you should get plenty of rest for about seven hours a night, check your blood pressure, and exercise a moderate amount.

If you smoke, quit of course! Eat a diet rich in nutrients to strengthen your body and mind.

You can take supplements, but getting your vitamins and minerals from natural foods is your best option. The results are better and last longer.

Coping with ADHD in Adults

When you hear the word ADHD, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that it is a problem that usually occurs in children.

Almost everyone who encounters ADHD may not believe that it can also occur in adults. ADHD can be passed on through children to adulthood as it is a condition that cannot be cured.

When ADHD is treated in childhood, it will be easier to deal with when they are adults. ProMind Complex Capsules, However, if ADHD is not diagnosed in childhood, it would be the responsibility of the adult with ADHD to deal with it. When it comes to managing ADHD symptoms, several effective options can be used.

Adult ADHD must be diagnosed before a person can decide on treatment. If ADHD is maintained and ignored, it can lead to oversensitivity, lack of confidence, and decreased productivity.

If ADHD symptoms occur in adults, adults should take responsibility for their treatment. ProMind Complex Brain Ignoring the symptoms and ADHD is not a good solution.

As an adult, there are many things you can do to deal with your symptoms.

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